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100Call's main activity is to provide quality global communications services. 100Calls partners with leading telecommunications carriers and operators to deliver excellent quality telecom services. enabling people and businesses to communicate and collaborate as never before and bringing about the convergence of the Internet an

d the telephone networks through Computer Telephony integration.

Our prime objective is to supply our Enterprise customer with an industry-leading, secure, reliable, quality and cost-saving VoIP service.
Pc to Phone
We offer 10$ new Rates with
high Quality and Lowest Rate

Country 10$/Min
Pakistan 40Min.
Uk 400Min
USA 308Min
China 370Min.
Palistain 292Min.
Canada 666Min.
Jordan 40Min.
India 60Min.
Bangladesh-Dhaka 113Min.
Afghanistan 25Min.


45 Min.
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   We decrease the Rate of Ring call back now you can can make call at low cost with very high quality
Enable People and Business to comunicate and Collaborate as never before and bringing about the Convergence of the Internet and Telephone networks.

Gold Services Rate
Country 15$/Min
Pakistan 35Min.
India 35Min
Bangladesh 35Min
Philippines 35Min.
Philippines Mob 30Min.
Indonesia 35Min.
Indonesia Mob 27Min.
Yemen 35Min.
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